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How to Download the Korea Open Beta for Black Desert Online

1. Download the Black Desert Setup Launcher from the mirror here.




Install the launcher to the default location of C:\Daum Games\Black Desert

2. Download FlyVPN here and use their free trial account which has servers in South Korea. (Note: that FlyVPN does limit you to 3 connections a day, a good free alternative I've found is VPNGate) Find the free trial username "vpnu" and find the constantly changing password on their site.          

3. Install FlyVPN and login using the username and password from step 2. Next select Korea from the Country tab list and select one of the Korean servers that are available. Click on the blue Connect button.

4. Go back to C:\Daum Games\Black Desert and run "BlackDesert_Downloader.exe". Click on the big blue button to start the download. Once you see the blue number moving from 0, the download has started. 

5. Now since the launcher only appears to check your IP at the start, we can disconnect from our slow VPN and use our normal internet for faster download speed. Go back to FlyVPN and click on the "Disconnect" button. You can see that I'm downloading at a very fast 3.4 MB/s. In fact, it is maxing out my internet line. NOTE that it is no longer recommended to do this trick as it may corrupt your data and result in you having to do a lengthly File Check process or re-download the game. Use the IP workaround trick instead.

6. Every so often (currently around 10%, 21%, and 32%) the launcher will throw an error message with the text "WAS HASH" and will close down. Just repeat the steps above by connecting to the Korean VPN and restarting the download. When the client restarts, a dialog box will appear, click the button on the left for "Resume". The button on the right will start the download over.


How to Play Guide : 

when you log in game , it will ask you set the 2nd password.  6 digits numbers.   type the same numbers two times to confirm 

NOTE Take care. DO NOT forget what numbers you set at the first time login.

If you fill the 2nd password wrong few times, account will be blocked !

Make character name :

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