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Black Desert Guide : 

This Guide  require No VPN or IP change .  Please follow all steps carefully if need any support you contact on our email or Live chat . 

Guide : 

1. Download Black Desert Folder ( 18 Gb ) Use Firefox only to download :

2. Download the Black Desert Installer : [ Requires Login to website ]

3. Install Black Desert.


4. Follow the instructions on screen, select a folder for saving temporary files and wait for the Launcher to pop up. Then close it.


5. DELETE your Black Desert folder and replace it with the one from here.

( Default directory is C:\Daum\Black Desert . Don't Overwrite Delete and replace )


6. Launch the game through the website.

7.  Launching the Game and Installing Latest Patches : 


Sign in with your I-PIN verified account via the Daum website. It will be a link that says "Daum ID" with "Register | Forgot password?" underneath it.

8. Click the "Pre-Download" link on the same page. This should pop up this screen with a big blue button at the top and a big screenshot of a Chrome browser.

9. Click the blue button. let the installer download, and run it. Follow all prompts. Your browser will close.


10. Relaunch your browser and make sure popups are not being blocked.


11. Click "Pre-Download" again. You should be at this screen. Click YES on the UAC (if it pops up). Click YES on the following popup box. Your browser will close.

12.  Relaunch your browser and get back to the Daum website, then click "Pre-Download" again.


Note : [ May not be required ] 

if you get the popup box asking you to restart your browser again, you will need to follow Registry Edit Guide. There is a bug where the launcher does not update its version number correctly.


Requires regedit. (Use it carefully, do not delete anything.)


If you're on 64bit Windows:

·         Start -> Run -> type "regedit" -> Enter

·         Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\DaumGames

·         Double click Version and change it to 1, 0, 0, 4

If you're on 32bit Windows:


·         Start -> Run -> type "regedit" -> Enter

·         Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DaumGames

·         Double click Version and change it to 1, 0, 0, 4


13. You should be back at this screen again. Only this time, when hitting yes, you will be taken to the next page that will have you go through some Terms of Service. Simply click the check boxes and then the blue buttons.


14. CONGRATS! If successful, the launcher should come up and download updates if available. If you see this you should be good to go!



1. Launch the Game through website and use Orange button on the launcher to start the game . 


2. when you log in game , it will ask you set the 2nd password.  6 digits numbers.   type the same numbers two times to confirm 

NOTE Take care. DO NOT forget what numbers you set at the first time login.

If you fill the 2nd password wrong few times, account will be blocked !

3. Give your character Name here :

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