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Civilization Online Game site: https://civ.xlgames.comclient


Pre-OBT Date: Nov 12th - Nov 30th 2015 



Civilization Online is an online-only title currently in development by XL Games. Featuring one-on-one PvP matches and a variety of different eras, Civilization Online seeks to preserve the core mechanics of the Civilization franchise.

"That's the core mechanic of the Civilization game — you conquer other civilizations by military [force] or through technology. We are planning to support various types of combat, like small 1v1 PvP stuff in the corner of the world, but you also can gather hundreds of people and invade Washington or some other city." - Jake Song, Developer/Executive

Players who die during matches will be resurrected in the town hall of their patron city, and although this will likely incur a small penalty, permadeath and loss of items are not going to be implemented. Civilization Online will spawn across several eras, including Ancient, Classic, Medieval, Renaissance, Industrial, and Modern, and will be presented in "sessions" that must be cleared before moving to the next section.


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