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Dragomon Hunter is an upcoming anime-style mmo by developer X-Legend, the team behind Aura Kingdom, Eden Eternal and Grand Fantasia. It will be published by Aeria games who recently announced a release schedule of Fall 2015. The game will be available to American and European players and will be available in French and English.



In Dragomon Hunter, players will be able to team up and hunt down over 100 monsters. Once conqured, players can add the monsters to their mount collection. The game features four classes - Mage , Cleric , Scout andMercenary . Materials gained from defeated opponents can be used to create and upgrade weapons and equipment.



  • Players will see telegraphs on the ground to show incoming channeled attacks from mobs.

  • Players can use "R" to roll out of the way. 

  • Clicking on the objective in the quest tracker will reveal a temporary sparkling path to follow










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