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For honor closed beta key

For honor closed beta key

For honor alpha invite

For honor alpha invite

For honor closed beta key

For honor closed beta key

For honor closed beta key

For honor closed beta key

For honor closed beta key

For honor closed beta key

For honor closed beta key

For honor closed beta key

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For Honor is a multiplayer, team based game of battle and mass combat. For Honor was announced at E3 2015 during the Ubisoft press event.


Player characters represent heroes of the battlefield, with skills and powers far beyond AI-controlled infantry (most of which can rarely do any lasting damage to a player). Human players are encouraged to engage other humans over the weaker AI foes, as they will change the tide of battle.

For Honor allows players to move freely about, sprint, climb, and even roll - but the most important action is the defensive mode. This allows a player to lock onto single targets, entering a dueling mode that changes control interface. In this mode, a player can choose to position their weapon in one of three sides (left, right, and up). If a player is readying their weapon at the same angle as an oncoming attack, they will block the blow. Players may adjust their facing and stance with the nudge of a control stick, maneuvering for a position of optimal advantage.


To strike, a player must attack at one of the two sides that an enemy is not defending against (if they are defending at all) and choose between a light or heavy attack. A paper-rock-scissors of attacks, defenses, and guard breaks governs engagement. If a player is defending too much, a guard break attack can throw them off balance regardless of which angle they are trying to defend. Throwing an opponent off-kilter and creating an opening is a key to success, along with attacking in an unpredictable sequence, and reading an opponents attacks.


Players may achieve Feats in battle, fighting with such success that they can summon volleys of arrows or medieval siege artillery to sway the rhythm of the battlefield.


Unlockable special abilities, such as self-healing and a catapult, are mapped to the D-Pad.

Special kill animations will be available when specific types of kills are achieved.

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