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Hytale is an upcoming sandbox video game made by the creators of the Minecraft server, Hypixel under the newly established Hypixel Studios company which started Hytale development in 2015

Gameplay : 

Hytale features a procedurally-generated fantasy world composed of blocks of numerous shapes arranged in a three-dimensional grid. The world features different biomes, creatures, and dungeons. Players can participate in minigames, similar to those found in the Hypixel server, such as SkyWars and BedWars. Players will be able to build and share mods and custom content using a set of browser-based and in-game tools, including an in-game model editor called Hytale Model Maker. Hytale can be played in first person and third person view.

Adventure mode

Hytale will feature an adventure mode which includes procedurally-generated zones, made up of many biomes and including different encounters. This mode will feature RPG-styled combat for singleplayer and multiplayer and include dynamic boss encounters and dungeon exploration. Players can find overgrown towers and fight large bosses. Hytale contains many creatures, including animalsmonsters and factions. Each zone contains different types of creatures, with some guarding the powerful gear.


Many popular minigames from the Hypixel server will make their way into Hytale. It will feature a character customizer which includes thousands of cosmetic items. Hytale will support large community run servers, and players can fight using a combat system built for multiplayer.


Hytale will feature block-based construction in both singleplayer and multiplayer which includes many different world editing tools. It will feature a Java scripting system which allows players to create and execute code in-game, and in-game cinematic tools for video creators. It will also feature the Hytale Model Maker which is a 3D modeling, texturing, and animation toolkit which runs on HTML where players can create custom assets and import them into the game itself.










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