Order Verification : 

Dear Customer, 

We just want you to complete security check to ensure nobody else is using your account to make the payment . 


To complete Security Check : 


1> Email us your  :     1.  Identification Document  


                              2. handwritten note with today's date for Mmoplaystore.com


      Our Email Address is :  Support@mmoplaystore.com 

  Acceptable Identification document for verification : 

  ( Any 1 of the following : ) 

  1. Driving licence or 

  2. Passport or 

  3. Government Authorized document . 

Note : We do not need to see any private or sensitive information. The info we need is basic and what we already see on your payment details, i.e. name and address; we do not need anything more than this. You can COVER ALL PRIVATE INFORMATION.


2> The ID MUST match the PayPal / Payment account details.


3> Your Paypal Account should be Verified status .






Birth Date: Remove 
Identification Number:  Remove
Expiration date: Remove
Picture: Optional
Name: Required 
Address: Required


2> Where should I send this information?
The image should be clear and readable. You are to use the highest resolution available on your camera or scanner.  Send it  to support@mmoplaystore.com


3> Why does the Mmoplaystore staff ask for this information ?
In order to prevent fraudulent purchases.


4> What kind of frauds can occur?
Sometimes, hackers use stolen credit cards or paypal accounts. Since this is virtual money, the only way to use this money is spending it on an online store.


5>  Is SAFE to send a picture or scan of my ID ?
YES, remember we ask you to cover your private ID number, picture and any other private info since we only need to see your name on the identification so you don't have nothing to worry about. Paypal already provided us with your name and address when you purchased from us!




Once we receive your Identification documents we will immediately approve the order. In most circumstances you will not be required to complete the verification again.


For any assist you can reply back to email or contact Live chat . 


Best regards

Mmo play store team