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Overwatch Account Sale FAQ

Dear Buyers , We got overwhelming response for overwatch accounts , thank you for showing intrest .


Q1 . When will you get overwatch / What time you will get overwatch / When will overwatch be in stock ? Ans : We will get them when blizzard activates our Blizzard Accounts & we get an email notification for overwatch invite . Invitation of Overwatch closed beta will be limited & rest ensured we have small team working on getting them .

Q2 : Do you accept Pre-orders so i can buy first ? Ans : No we don't accept pre orders , It's first come first basis . Best way currently is to " Add yourself to wish list " and get notified by email .

Q3 : Overwatch is out of stock will you get more ?

Ans : We will be adding overwatch every week / Days as Blizzard sends us invites .

Q4 : What are price for the overwatch account ? Ans : We plan to sell them as low as possible , It also depends on our supply & demand .

Q5 : Can i change the email of account ? Ans : Yes you can change email account & keep them forever to you . Q6 : How do i know account are Legit / Working ? Ans : We do high quality control check , every account is inspected they have overwatch beta on them .

Thank you Best regards Mmo play store team

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