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spellbreak alpha key

spellbreak alpha key

Dear Gamer(s) , Spellbreak Alpha codes are now available in our store .

Get access to Alpha stage of testing . Order from product page from here :

Discount code : mmoplaystore4discount

Spellbreak is an upcoming battle royale game—but before you dismiss it as just another cash-in on the genre, check out the trailer above. From the footage, I'd say it has potential: I like the pretty, fantasy art style, and characters fling elemental magic spells that interact with one another, creating giant fireball explosions, which I'm on board with. Gameplay :

Those magic spells come from two enchanted gauntlets that your character wears, and which ones they equip depends on their class. There are 11 classes that deal different types of damage—so far there's fire, ice, lightning, stone, wind, and poison damage, and you can combo them, casting a poison cloud and then setting it on fire to create a giant poisonous inferno, for example. Best regards Mmo play store team

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