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Secret Neighbor is a game about 5 kids sneaking into the neighbor's new house in order to rescue their friend, Nicky Roth. You begin the game with your 6-player group divided into the five kids and one neighbor disguised as a kid, a secret neighbor. The loadout for the kids contains a box, a chair, a flashlight, a chocolate bar (gives you speed when eaten), and a carton of power milk (gives you strength and throwing skills) of which you can choose two.


The neighbor's loadout contains a kid's loadout, with the addition of a mask to disguise themselves as a kid, a sonar for showing the location of kids and being able to spring traps around the house, bear traps, which when stepped on will make you enter a hurt phase, after this phase you will crawl around and seek help, a smoke grenade, which the neighbor can see clearly through, and in the Halloween and Christmas Alpha, pumpkin spice for disguising themselves as a pumpkin, or gift wrap to dusguise themselves as a gift. The neighbor can choose two of these items, and two child items. 

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