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00_Skysaga closed Alpha account

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01_Skysaga closed Alpha key

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02_Skysaga closed beta key

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03_Skysaga closed beta account

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04_Skysaga beta key

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Note : Currently only supporting  Limited region , You may require VPN to play on other regions . 


In SkySaga, players will have their own persistent home worlds that they can customize however they wish. This world will be your home base for all operations and your starting place for embarking on new adventures. The adventures you encounter in SkySaga are procedurally generated worlds with their own quests and unique features. Each of these worlds has its ownZelda-like castle, which contains player rewards and a portal back to your home world. Each quest in SkySaga also contains pieces of keystone; you’ll need these to go on new adventures. The more you explore each adventure area, the higher the chance you’ll have of finding a rare keystone, which unlocks more challenging quests.


You’ll spend most of your time in SkySaga adventuring - but you won’t have to do it alone. The game’s matchmaking system may place you on an adventure with another player, allowing you both to work together at achieving your end goal. This, in combination with guilds, trading, and PvP, means that you’ll constantly be interacting with other players in the game.

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