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Tree Of Savior(TOS) Korean is currently in open testing & require Korean activated account to play .


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Tree of Savior (트리 오브 세이비어) is a MMORPG game currently developed by IMC Games in Korea. The game was first introduced under the heading “Project R1”, where it attained the title “spiritual successor of Ragnarok Online”. Tree of Savior is led by the “Father of Ragnarok Online” Kim Hakkyu (김학규)who was a lead designer of Ragnarok Online from 1998 to 2001.

Tree of Savior is designed using self-developed game engines developed for “Granado Espada”. The graphics engine uses the same one as “Wolfknights”. Both these games are owned by IMC Games. Tree of Savior features a 2.5D graphics with anime style characters; the graphics design team, led by Maggi An Jeong-won (안정원) aims to allow players to fully immerse into the fairy tail environment of the game. The audio team is led by sound director Sevin Kwak Dong-Il (곽동일) from SFA, followed by SoundTeMP team, Esti, Questrosound, Mr. Joon Sung Kim and some music is contracted to Symphonix.

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