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Digital Gaurantee / Warranty Policy : 


The digital market does not have a guarantee/warranty policy similar to ones found with physical goods. This is because digital goods cannot be tracked as easily as physical goods can. Because of this, we had to come up with a Digital Guarantee, which ensured buyers can buy confidentially and get what they pay for.


We assume all buyers purchasing through us have read these terms, and have agreed upon purchase.

Digital market is divided into 2 (two) types: Digital keys, and Digital Accounts; which have respected Terms and Conditions:


Digital Keys:

​Digital Keys: Digital keys are codes are applied to Account and can only be claimed 1 (once) per use.


Digital Key Purchase Guarantee Terms :


1. We require Buyers to Share Screen Live using Skype or Team viewer. This allows us to have evidence to provide you warranty which includes replacement, Shop Credit or Full refund respectively.


Buyer is not covered by our Guarantee if:

1. Buyer does not use our screen share service.

2. Respected game company stops Beta and Alpha testing period


Digital Accounts:


Digital Accounts: Digital Accounts include information which allows user to Login to respected game, and also has access to modify login info to take ownership .


Digital Accounts Guarantee :


1. Accounts come with 60 Days warranty from the day of purchase which protects buyers from recalls . 

2. Account Warranty includes replacement, shop credit, Full refund or Partial Refund .




All our Accounts and Codes are checked if they are working before sending.

We reserve the right to make modifications to our Guarantee / Warranty Policy and buyers must ensure they update themself from time to time and agree upon changes.

 Warranty does not cover:

  •  Return of the product

  •  Sharing of the product

  •  Gifting the product

  •  Bans from developers .

  •  Testing period expired for Alpha or Beta .

  •  Reselling the product

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