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islands of nyne: battle royale Alpha keys limited stock

Dear gamers ,

Islands of nyne: battle royale Alpha keys limited stock .

You can order it from here :

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale is an online first-person shooter PVP game developed by Define Human Studios.

At the start of the match, players will land on the map in random locations. Movement is limited, but with careful manipulation, players will be able to slightly alter where they land, to a point. Players will need to immediately start moving and locating weapons, ammo, medkits, armor and vehicles.

The biomes are floating domes - remnants of a fractured planet, each one unique in terrain and landmarks. The playfield itself is broken down into grids which players can view on their map. Landmarks will help players determine their actual location but there is a compass that will show navigational direction. The plasma field will release from the corners of the maps, so getting bearing quickly is important. The field will close in to a pre-determined circular 'safe zone'> Once it has reached this point, a smaller, more centered 'safe zone' will be assigned and the plasma wall be on the move again. The wall will kill any players in it's path.

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