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Torchlight Frontiers Alpha now available for playing

Dear Gamer(s) , Torchlight Frontiers Alpha is live and available for playing . We have Torchlight Frontiers Alpha available in our store .

Torchlight Frontiers is an upcoming free-to-play dungeon crawler hack and slash role-playing game and the third game in the Torchlight series. It is being developed by American studio Echtra Games and published by Perfect World Entertainment.


Torchlight Frontiers is an action role-playing game where the player controls a character in a high fantasy world. From an isometric, top-down view, the player controls their character to move about the game's world, using hack and slash with a variety of weapons, magic spells, and skills to fight monsters, collect new items and treasure, and sell and buy items in a centralized town to improve their character's abilities.

Torchlight Frontiers will be a massively multiplayer online game, introducing large surface levels that allow players to join together to fight monsters that respawn over time, and travel between the game's primary dungeons, many of which are procedurally generated. Players can party together to explore these dungeons. To balance players' overall abilities, Torchlight Frontiers uses item-based experience levels rather than player-based levels. Players with high-level items entering a dungeon with lower-level players will have their items temporarily weakened to the lower levels while in the dungeon. Best regards Mmo Play Store team

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